About us

'Made to Make' is a collective of art jewellers who are all alumni of the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design’s School of Jewellery MA course whose diverse collections have already culminated in an exhibition in the UK.

We are Farrah Al-Dujaili, Hannah Fewtrell-Bolton, Sally Collins, Lydia Feast, Jo Pond, Fliss Quick, Katherine Richmond, Natalie Smith and Li-Chu Wu. 

Each member’s work exudes craft, imagination and creative ingenuity distinctive of the art jewellery approach.

The ‘Made to Make’ collective is proactive in creating opportunities and platforms to display our work and engage with the jewellery community at large. By undertaking collective briefs that question, confront and push conceptions of jewellery we aim to ultimately invigorate our individual practices.

Please contact us via email madetomakecollective@gmail.com or via Twitter @made_to_make