Li-Chu Wu

 PLACEs-WORK2 (Oxford) 
Materials: paper, copper, stain steel
8 X 8 X 2cm
Photo Simon Hsien-Chi Wan

Paper has, without doubt, many varied uses. However, multiple layered paper interests me with its subtle movement and tactile qualities. Applying a mix of metalsmithing techniques and new technologies, my designs consist of a series of paper, silver, one-off, wearable pieces and body adornments. Paper is layered and manipulate in a way that expands an inner space in a concentric format and spreads and grows up from the centre. The pieces function both as wearable pieces of body adornment and as sculptural objects off the body.  

I aim to recreate the link between the material and its original source in the natural environment. Pure and organic elements reveal a delicate and subtle visual language. The soft and subtle tones of colour that I choose give a quiet, calm and contemplative quality to the pieces.  

Time is an essential element through the making progress; time, nature and I form my work, meticulous working processes enable me to develop a range of elements, which create the compositions. I explore the material with the relationship between nature, time and myself