Hannah Fewtrell-Bolton

Sex, Drugs, Farrow n Ball
Metal, Enamel Paint, Advanced Plastics, Latex

Tribes of Britannia

British fashion is like no other..... We have an erratic, idiosyncratic relationship with style and behavior, which is instilled in us from childhood.
From the nursery rhymes we sing to the clothes we wear, our early years are free from rational thinking, conformity and of course fear that creep into our adult lives. Being able to run RIOT with imagination and creativity enables us to develop our innate sense of contrariness.

"Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow....’’?

Emphasis on the contrary!!

As we grow through the stages of life from childhood to granny nirvana the British bird evolves. In the unforgiving teenage years of wanting to so desperately to be different (from what your parents want of course) but still belong to a pack, led to the birth of the subculture "The Tribes of Britannia". From Punk to Pony club - Slones to Grime no one does it quite like a British bird!